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Track & Field | 1/7/2020

2020 Indoor Track & Field

Dear D51 Track and Field Athletes,
I am very excited to work with you this season! I want to thank all of you for joining such an amazing and pure sport. This will be my 4th season as head coach at GJHS and my 8th season as a varsity track coach. Below is my track and field philosophy:

Track and Field is a true test of athletic ability; one that does not allow the athlete to hide behind or rely on others for success. In this way, track and field exposes our individual character and work ethic. I applaud each of you for joining this sport that requires such dedication. It is this dedication and individual nature that allows for track and field to provide the most rewarding experiences in the world of athletics.

Good luck this season!!!

Dustin Giesenhagen
GJHS Head Track and Field Coach

Fee*- A fee of $100 per month will be assessed for the winter season track club. Please make payment directly to Grand Valley Track and Field

This will cover the cost of uniforms, coaches travel and time.
*If there is an issue with paying this fee, please speak with Coach Giesenhagen to make alternative arrangements. The goal is to get you ready for outdoor season, not to make a fortune!
Athletes will also be responsible for paying entry fees to any meets that they attend. Entry fees range from $7 to $15 per event.

Travel arrangements- Athlete families will be responsible for getting athletes to track meets. Arrangements will be made to travel as a team if we arrange enough athletes to go to the Simplot Games.

Indoor Meets- All meets can be viewed on
Coaches are currently planning on attending the Western State Invite in Gunnison Colorado on February 23rd. Information is posted here:

Other meets may be added or attended by you if you desire.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Jan 6th- February 20th
3:30pm: Meet in-between the GJHS gymnasiums ready for activity. Please assume that everyday we will practice outside; dress for the weather!
4:30-5:30: Practice ends. Depending on the workout or your event, this may vary from day to day. Monday and Wednesdays will likely be our longest practices.
Please check the weekly practice schedule which will be posted in the weight room and on the Facebook page. This will inform you if we will be meeting somewhere else for practice. Some practices will be held at the Lunch Loops trails or at one of the pools in the Grand Valley.

Coaching Philosophy:
Athletics are an important part of the education program. Participation in an athletic program contributes to good sportsmanship, character, physical development, coordination, and a wholesome interest in team and lifetime sports. We believe that through participation in activities, the student/athlete learns how to work with others for the achievement of group goals. Good sportsmanship practices build lifelong values. Students in today’s schools are tomorrow’s community leaders and citizens and as adults will demonstrate many of the attributes they learn through their participation in athletics. It is our expectation that the approach to success in the classroom is equally important to student/athletes and parents as the success we all hope to achieve on the field of competition.

You will need very little in the way of specific equipment. As a member of the Grand Valley Winter Track Club you will be issued a uniform. Keep track of your equipment as if it is lost or stolen you will be charged for its replacement.
Well fitted running shoes are key to injury prevention. Ask a coach if you have questions about fit or wear of your shoes.
Race/jump spikes or throwing shoes are not necessary but will make you more competitive in your event. Talk to a coach if you need help selecting or purchasing a competition shoe.

We will perform an event-specific warm up every day and will weight train as prescribed by your coaches. We will also statically stretch post workout to calm the nervous system and helps to increase range of motion.
If you feel that you may be getting injured let your coaches know so that we can get a physical trainer to look at you. The trainer will be able to evaluate the injury and prescribe a treatment program or recommend that you see your doctor.

Semester Eligibility Checks-
All Student-Athletes must be enrolled in at least 3.0 Carnegie Units in any semester and pass a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie Units while not failing more than 0.5 Carnegie Units. Students that do not meet these requirements will be considered ineligible for the following semester. Students can make up failed classes in the same subject area from 3rd & 4th quarters over the summer to participate in athletics. Final grades from the summer are due to the high school the Thursday prior to Labor Day. Students who have not met the academic requirements at the close of a semester (or from the summer) may regain academic eligibility on the sixth Thursday following Labor Day for the first semester and on the Friday immediately prior to March 10th for the second semester by having passing grades in ALL enrolled classes. Please note that all incoming freshman start high school with full eligibility the fall of their first semester.

Attendance Policy:
1) The student must be in attendance for his/her scheduled classes on the day of a contest or on the day before a contest held on a Saturday or on a holiday. Extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Athletic Director, Assistant Principal or Principal.
2) Any absence due to illness must be approved by the Athletic Director, Asst. Principal or Principal in order for the student to participate in a contest that day. General rule: students must be in attendance for a minimum of the afternoon classes in order to participate with an illness.
3) Students missing school due to athletics or other extra-curricular activities are responsible for any work missed during their absence. Students who have assignments due on a day of an athletic absence are expected to turn in due assignments prior to leaving for school activity.
4) Students that have unexcused/non-parent verified absences will not practice if absence happens on a practice day and will not participate in contest if unexcused absence happens on the day of a game or on the day before a contest on a non-school day (any unexcused absence on a given day = 1 missed practice or game). Please note: an unexcused/non-parent verified absence may be discovered a following day and removal from participation may happen at that time

Training Rules:
The following Training Rules apply to all students who participate in the District’s interscholastic athletic and spirit programs:

Students shall not use, possess or distribute tobacco products of any kind.
Students shall not use, possess or distribute alcohol or alcoholic beverages of any kind.
Students shall not use, possess or distribute any “controlled substances”, as that term is defined in the Board’s policy on student drug and alcohol use (Policy JICH).
Students shall comply with the District’s Code of Student Conduct (JICDA), and all student conduct policies referenced therein.
Students shall obey all state and local criminal and traffic laws and ordinances.
Students shall exhibit exemplary behavior on and off the playing field, demonstrate high ethical standards and good sportsmanship, meet all CHSAA eligibility requirements, and serve as a positive role model to students.
Students shall cooperate fully with efforts by school officials to investigate, determine or verify their compliance with these Training Rules.

If you have any questions contact Coach Goff.